Amidst Vienna's Cultural Flourish

Explore MUD Studio Vienna, a distinguished makeup school located only a two minutes walk from the Museums Quartier district, immersed in Vienna’s rich historical landmarks and vibrant artistic community. Nestled close to world-famous museums and the iconic architecture that Vienna is celebrated for, our studio provides an enriching educational experience surrounded by the city’s profound cultural offerings.

At MUD Studio Vienna, students thrive in an environment where the old-world charm of Vienna’s historical arts meets modern professional makeup artistry. The surrounding neighborhood, brimming with cultural stimuli, offers endless inspiration, making it an exemplary place for creative exploration. The close proximity to diverse cultural assets—from timeless art galleries to contemporary design centers—ensures a stimulating backdrop that enhances creativity and learning.

Join us at MUD Studio Vienna for an unparalleled educational journey where the city’s abundance of art and culture enhances the craft of makeup artistry. Discover the privilege of learning in one of the world’s most artistically vibrant cities, a true nexus of creativity and style.

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