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Join a world of professional opportunities with Make-up Designory’s (MUD) esteemed makeup artistry courses, available in locations around the globe including the USA, Europe, Asia, Central America, Africa, and the Middle East. Our diverse curriculum is tailored to equip you with the necessary expertise to excel in various sectors of the makeup industry, whether in beauty makeup, special effects, or fashion makeup. With MUD’s expert-led instruction and practical training approach, you can transform your passion for makeup into a thriving career. Enroll today and become part of an international community of professionals, all advancing their skills with MUD’s internationally acclaimed education

MUD Studio Courses offered worldwide...

  • Beauty Essentials


Our course offers a comprehensive introduction to beauty make-up, emphasizing modern techniques vital in today’s diverse industry. Covering facial analysis, base matching, correction, contours, and highlights, with a focus on eyes and lips, students gain essential skills for various beauty sectors. From corrective to natural looks, master the art of beauty make-up.  More Info >>

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  • Special Make-up Effects I


Begin your journey with out-of-the-kit effects, essential for professional make-up artists. Dive into our hands-on course, exploring two and three-dimensional techniques to replicate injuries and other effects. Led by experienced make-up artists, learn to apply and color foam gelatin prosthetic appliances, silicone GFA’s, foam latex prosthetic appliances, and Pros-aide transfers.

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  • Special Make-up Effects II


Explore the techniques mastered by professional make-up artists, delving into both traditional methods and innovative materials and tools. Acquire diverse special effects skills, from crafting simulated injuries to age make-up and applying effects like bald caps and facial hair. Culminate the course by designing and bringing to life a character, immortalized in a professional photo shoot.


  • Bridal Make-up Artistry

Bridal: Make-up and Hair for Weddings and Business Insights

Delve into the lucrative realm of weddings with our Bridal Make-Up Artistry Course, guiding students from consultation to perfecting the bride’s look. Beginning with comprehensive planning, students learn to fulfill the bride’s vision while also exploring the business aspects of bridal make-up artistry. View course

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  • Airbrush Make-up Artistry
Introduction to Airbrush Make-up Our Airbrushing course provides a solid foundation in airbrushing, empowering students to integrate this essential tool into their repertoire as make-up artists. Learn proper airbrush care and maintenance while mastering techniques for achieving flawless, stunning makeup looks.
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  • Studio Make-up
Introduction to Studio Make-up In our Studio Make-Up Course, adapt to the evolving landscape of video production across internet and cable broadcast platforms. Learn specialized techniques for camera-ready make-ups, from natural to full glamour looks, tailored to meet the unique demands of modern media production worldwide.
  • High Fashion Make-up

Introduction to High Fashion Make-up

Discover the techniques utilized by professional makeup artists in advertising and editorial domains. Our comprehensive course equips students with on-set proficiency, enabling them to craft fashion-forward make-ups suitable for editorial shoots. Gain insights into professional photography requirements and develop a discerning eye for impactful imagery. Additionally, students will enhance their makeup aesthetics and learn to identify key elements in their own photographs. More info >>>

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  • Portfolio Development
Immerse yourself in our dynamic course, where students are encouraged to explore their creative boundaries. Emulating real-world scenarios, we guide students through multiple photo shoots, collaborating closely with professional models and photographers. Together, we craft a professional-grade portfolio, honing skills essential for success in the industry.

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